Results Verification Service: quick and secure access to results for employers and universities


Candidates who need to allow employers, universities or other organisations to verify their examination results can do so quickly and securely with Cambridge ESOL’s Results Verification Service.

Just by sending organisations the Candidate ID Number and Secret Number (printed on the Online Result Letter that is sent to the candidate a few days after the exam) they can check your result instantly online at

Please find below further details and frequently asked questions.

Source: Cambridge ESOL UK


Using the Results Verification Service - FAQs

Who can use the Results Verification Service?
The Results Verification Service is for:

  • universities
  • colleges
  • employers
  • other organisations that accept our exams.
It allows people to check Cambridge English exam results quickly, accurately and securely. People who have taken our exams should not use it to check their results. Candidates can check their results online at

How do I access the Results Verification service?
Go to the Results Verification Service website and enter your username and password to log in. You will need the relevant candidate ID number and secret number to view exam results.

I need to check the result of an applicant, but my choice of password is not accepted when I try to register.
Passwords must be at least seven characters in length and must contain at least one digit, one non-alphanumeric character (full stop, comma etc.) and both uppercase (A–Z) and lowercase (a–z) letters.

I cannot view the Statement of Results PDF.
1. Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed. You can download it here:

2. Make sure you have turned off the pop-up blocker, or configured it to allow pop-ups from the Results Verification Service site. The option to do this may be found in the 'Tools' menu of most browsers.

I am not able to check a candidate's results using the online verification service.
Not all results can be checked using this website, for example exams taken before 2005, teaching qualifications (except Delta Module 1).

Further details of the awards which can be verified using this service can be found here.

Further details about the Results Verification Service can be found on the following website:

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