Cambridge English Placement Test: a fast, accurate way of placing students on English language courses


The Cambridge English Placement Test is a fast, accurate and affordable online test designed to pinpoint students’ level of English and relate it to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) – the standard benchmark used internationally to describe language ability.

This is an international test of general English language ability, focusing on the skills of Reading, Use of English and Listening.

The Cambridge English Placement Test assesses the entire spectrum of learning ability, from pre-CEFR Level A1 to Level C2.

  • Fast and reliable
    The test takes only 30 minutes, but extensive research and pretesting ensures that the Cambridge English Placement Test is reliable and valid.
  • International
    The Cambridge English Placement Test is an international exam that features a variety of accents and text sourced from a range of English-speaking countries.
  • Suitable for all students
    You use the same test for all your students as it is computer adaptive. Based on the student's responses, the test becomes progressively easier or more difficult until a consistent level of ability is achieved, and the student's level of English can be identified.
  • Easy to manage
    The test is online so you order tests when you want and students take it whenever you choose. You manage your test orders and view and print results from a dedicated administration site.
  • User-friendly
    Students can choose to take a tutorial before the test, access on-screen help at any time and see a timer and progress bar during the test. Should any problems with internet connectivity occur, the candidate does not have to start again - they can simply pick up the test where they left off.
  • Secure
    The test is taken under secure conditions and, because the test is adaptive, each student gets a unique test, seeing different items and in a different order. The item bank is encrypted for security and new items are being added to the bank on a regular basis.

Cambridge English Placement Test results are instant, helping you make informed decisions about which classes and courses are most suitable for your students. You decide whether to show them their results at the end of the test or not. A student's score is based on a scale of 1 to 100 and tells you their appropriate CEFR level and the Cambridge English exams available at their level.

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