Statement of Results

The Statement of Results gives information about individual paper performance and a new overall score as well as the overall grade (YLE candidates do not get an overall grade).

Individual paper performance is not provided for those candidates with grade X (absent from part of the examination), grade Z (absent from all of the examination), or PENDING (result to follow).

Candidates’ answers and other work done by candidates as part of an examination will not be released to candidates, schools or centres.

Candidates' Statements of Results for most Cambridge English exams include a score out of 100 for the exam as a whole, as well as their grade and the graphical profile of performance in each paper. This gives them more precise information than has previously been available, and will help centres and schools to get a more accurate picture of the overall performance of their students.

Interpretation of results (Cambridge English First)

 Results              Score                          
 Pass at Grade A                     80 to 100
 Pass at Grade B  75 to 79
 Pass at Grade C  60 to 74
 Level B1  45 to 59
 Fail   0 to 44

X - the candidate was absent from part of the examination
Z - the candidate was absent from all parts of the examination
Pending - a result cannot be issued at present, but will follow in due course
Withheld - the candidate should contact their centre for information

Please note that there are different grade schemes for all exam levels that can be downloaded:


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