Statement of Results

The original Statement of Results gives information about individual paper performance and an overall score as well as the overall grade (YLE candidates do not get an overall grade) for all types of exams.


From January 2015 the NEW Statement of Results for Cambridge English: First, First for Schools, Advanced and Proficiency gives even more information, in a new approach to reporting results, on the Cambridge English Scale.  It will contain the following:

  • score on the Cambridge English Scale for each of the four skills (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking) and Use of English
  • score on the Cambridge English Scale for the overall exam
  • grade (A, B, C) for the overall exam
  • CEFR level for the overall exam


Other exams will be added to the scale during 2016.

Individual paper performance is not provided for those candidates with grade X (absent from part of the examination), grade Z (absent from all of the examination), or PENDING (result to follow). Candidates’ answers and other work done by candidates as part of an examination will not be released to candidates, schools or centres.


The scores reported for each exam range from

  • 122 to 190 for Cambridge English: First
  • 142 to 210 for Cambridge English: Advanced
  • 162 to 230 for Cambridge English: Proficiency



Interpretation of results (Example Cambridge English Advanced)

 Results              Score                          
 Pass at Grade A                     200 to 210
 Pass at Grade B  193 to 199
 Pass at Grade C  180 to 192
 Level B2  160 to 179
 Fail   0 to 159

Candidates taking the Certificate in Advanced English scoring between 142 and 159 on the Cambridge English Scale do not receive a result, CEFR level or certificate.

Cambridge English Scale scores below 142 are not reported for the Certificate in Advanced English.


Please note that there are different grade schemes for all exam levels that can be downloaded:


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