Cambridge English Advanced (CAE)

What is Cambridge English Advanced (CAE)?

Cambridge English Advanced is an examination at an advanced level, requiring competence in all the language skills, set at level C1 of the Council of Europe's Common Framework for languages.

At C1 level typical users can be expected to:


Format of the exam

Please click here for further details about the exam format.


Flexible Test Options

Cambridge English Advanced can be taken as standard test (pencil and paper) or computer-based:


Computer-based Exams: free sample test
Watch this tutorial before you try the practice tests below, this will help you understand what you need to do.


Here you can find some useful tips for your exam.



Available Dates and Prices

Please check all available Cambridge English Advanced exam dates and prices by clicking on the following link:
overview dates and prices



Support for Candidates  

Support for Teachers              

Online Practice Test
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Handbook for teachers
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Past Paper Pack for candidates
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Past Paper Pack for the classroom
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  Top Tips Booklet
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Speaking Test Preparation Pack incl. DVD
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